Truck Accident Attorneys – Part Of the Research

Truck Accident Attorneys – Part Of the Research

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (FMCSR) requires diligence on the part of a trucking company, not only when it employs a driver, but also after he/she begins operating one of its vehicles. In previous entries, we have discussed mandatory pre-employment background checks which must be conducted by trucking companies.truck accident attorneys

Section 391.25 of the FMCSR requires as well that a trucking company conduct a review of each of its driver’s driving records for the preceding 12 months. A motor carrier must also obtain reports from each of its drivers with a list of all violations of motor vehicle traffic law and citations of which the driver had been convicted and/or forfeited a bond or collateral during the preceding 12 months. More information here

A trucking company must not only obtain such reports of employee/driver accidents or violations but must also analyze these reports to determine whether any of the violations are such that the driver must be disqualified from driving for a period of up to one year. As an example, a disqualifying offense would be driving a trucking rig while under the influence of alcohol.

In addition, a trucking company’s supervision obligations include the duty to monitor the actual hours being logged by its drivers to make sure that they are not operating their rigs more than is allowed by law. The failure to monitor driver logs can be grounds of liability against a trucking company, particularly in situations where a fatigued driver causes a collision.

Thus, among the many duties imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, a trucking company must diligently supervise all of the drivers in its employ, not only checking out their background thoroughly before employing them but also during the period of their employ, constantly monitoring their activities to make sure they are in compliance with all applicable safety regulations.

Failure to properly supervise a driver can be an independent basis for liability against a trucking company – as it should be.

The applicable regulation is reprinted below:

Background and character

§391.25 Annual inquiry and review of driving record. (a) Except as provided in subpart G of this part, each motor carrier shall, at least once every 12 months, make an inquiry to obtain the motor vehicle record of each driver it employs, covering at least the preceding 12 months, to the appropriate agency of every State in which the driver held a commercial motor vehicle operator’s license or permit during the time period.

(b) Except as provided in subpart G of this part, each motor carrier shall, at least once every 12 months, review the motor vehicle record of each driver it employs to determine whether that driver meets minimum requirements for safe driving or is disqualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle pursuant to §391.15.18 wheeler accident law

(b)(1) The motor carrier must consider any evidence that the driver has violated any applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in this subchapter or Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR chapter I, subchapter C).

(b)(2) The motor carrier must consider the driver’s accident record and any evidence that the driver has violated laws governing the operation of motor vehicles, and must give great weight to violations, such as speeding, reckless driving, and operating while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, that indicates that the driver has exhibited a disregard for the safety of the public.

(c) Recordkeeping. (1) A copy of the motor vehicle record required by paragraph (a) of this section shall be maintained in the driver’s qualification file.

(c)(2) A note, including the name of the person who performed the review of the driving record required by paragraph (b) of this section and the date of such review, shall be maintained in the driver’s qualification file.
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The RV Lifestyle – For Some The Only Way To Go

Most people don’t travel in an RV just to sit inside for the whole trip. Usually, the RV is simply a place to get a good night’s sleep in between adventures, as well as somewhere to prepare some food and even have a quick shower. However, there are likely to be plenty of times through your RV trips where you need to find some entertainment while sitting inside. Whether you are inside because the sun has gone down for the day, or the weather has turned ugly and you need to stay dry, having a few entertainment options available can help you have even more fun on your trip. RV Parks Rockport

Of course, the entertainment options that you choose to include in your RV vacations will depend on the kinds of things that you enjoy doing. Below are some of the popular options that RV campers have been known to take with them in order to pass the time and relax with friends and family.

Watch TV

This one is somewhat controversial in that many campers don’t feel like they want to have this kind of technology in the RV – they would rather keep their trip more traditional and leave the television at home. Others, however, love being able to relax with some television at the end of the day and watch a sporting event or favorite TV show. The choice, of course, is completely up to you. If you do want to be able to watch some TV on your trip, look into the satellite receiver options on the RV market that you can install on your rig to pick up a variety of channels even when you are far from civilization. Short of adding a satellite to your RV, you can always hook up a DVD player to the television and bring along some of your favorite discs for entertainment.

Listen to the Radio

Taking a step back in technology, you could opt to add a high-quality radio antenna to your RV so you are able to pick up a variety of radio stations. The radio works well for putting on some background music while you relax inside the RV. Also, you may be able to pick up news and weather stations on your radio to get a little information from the ‘outside world’. While your RV might come with a stock radio, you may find that you need a more powerful antenna to add to the system to pick up stations depending on where you go camping.

Board Games

Playing board games is a standard family activity and one that works great in an RV thanks to the comfortable seating around a table. If you are traveling with children, bringing along a couple of their board games is a great way to keep them engaged in the trip even after the sun has gone done or while you wait for the rain to pass. In fact, it is a good idea to buy a couple of board games with the specific purpose of keeping them stored in the RV so they are always available when needed.

Playing Card Games

Like board games, playing cards is another classic family activity, but it can certainly be enjoyed among a group of adults. Since playing cards are so inexpensive, they are another great addition to your standard RV gear. Make sure you have the right kinds of cards to play your favorite games. Playing cards are also handy to pass a little time by yourself playing some solitaire.

Going on an RV vacation is all about relaxing and enjoying your time away from the usual day-to-day routine of life. While the main purpose of your trip is likely to see some specific sights or engage in activities like fishing or boating, you can still have fun even when those things are done for the day. Prepare for some entertainment inside the RV so you are able to keep your mind engaged and interact with the rest of the people on your trip. It doesn’t matter what kind of entertainment you prefer – just be sure to have it ready when needed and that everyone along for the trip will be able to enjoy it.


Organic Pest Control

Go Natural

Organic wasp control can be achieved via commercial products or tried and true home remedies. The type of wasp involved does not really matter, as organic methods will successfully eliminate wasps regardless of type. These chemicals are hazardous to humans, even though they can be cheap and effective. With so many natural pest control options available, why not give one a try?organic pest control

Pest Control from the Kitchen

There are some useful organic pest control remedies that you can make from items found in your kitchen and even your bathroom. When attempting to use any extermination technique on wasps or an active nest, be certain to wear protective clothing. The best time to act against wasps would be at night, as they are much less active.

Mint Oil: There are organic wasp control products on the shelves that use mint oil as their active ingredient. For something similar, add a tablespoon of mint oil to water to spray with to have an effective mixture. Coat the nest with the mixture thoroughly, making sure that you can reach them by spray from a few feet away.

Detergent: Possibly the simplest and best way to safely exterminate wasps is with liquid detergent. A natural pest control solution would be to spray liquid detergent on the wasp nest. By preventing them from flying and overpowering them, the soap will eventually get in their systems and suffocate them.

Beef Liver: While not recommended as a long-term organic wasp control solution, a beef liver trap is a good way to keep wasps away while you are outside enjoying a family cookout. Hang some beef liver over a bowl of soapy water, away from the view of potential guests. Wasps may be deterred if they are offered an alternative food source, such as liver, and will feed on it solely. The wasps then fall into the bowl and are killed.

Sugar Syrup & Soda Bottle: Another type of organic wasp control trap can be made by placing sugar syrup into a soda bottle. Take a 2-liter bottle and cut off the top about one-third of the way down the bottle. Then, invert the top piece in the bottle to funnel to the bottom. Put some syrup in the bottle after you secure the two pieces together with tape. Hang your trap from a tree or other location and smear a little syrup on the outside to make sure the wasps find the scent. The wasps, by funneling into the bottle, will become stuck. Wasps are likely to look for sweeter food sources during late summer, so employ this method at that time.

Don’t Try This at Home

Some do-it-yourself pest control remedies, while potentially effective, are dangerous to attempt. The following list details wasp removal methods that are probably not the best.flea control

Kerosene: Yes, dousing a nest with kerosene and lighting it on fire will kill wasps and definitely destroy the nest. Keep in mind that it can also set your house on fire, putting you and your family in danger. Furthermore, using kerosene is not beneficial to the environment at all.

Hairspray: Hairspray will work. This works by sticking to the wings of the wasps, making it difficult for them to fly. The question is, how difficult? It is likely that a few wasps will escape your Aqua Net attack and take their aggression out on you.

Cigarette Smoke: The premise behind this method is that you blow cigarette smoke on wasp nest while outside smoking. The smoke will temporarily faze the wasps so you can knock down the nest without incident. This method tends to be unsuccessful because it is more likely for the wasps to become irritated than anything else.

Green Market

Purchasing an organic pest control product may be the easiest way for you to handle your wasp removal. Any product containing the following ingredients will provide more than adequate natural pest control:

Mint oil

Traps and decoys are also available green pest control solutions. The traps work much like the home-made variety, using sugar as the primary bait. By preventing further nests from forming these nest decoys can complement a wasp control plan nicely. The wasps will see the decoy nest and move on to a different area, as they have quite territorial mindsets. These two products will be difficult to find in stores, so your best bet would be to look online.

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